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Eliminate these driving mistakes Ohio

Isn’t it funny that we easily notice and criticize other drivers for doing some of the very same things that we do without thinking on the road? Those little driving mistakes which, if done at the wrong time in the wrong place, could have disastrous results?

Failure to take into account road conditions

If we have lived in a state with inclement weather, we take it for granted. Busy on our daily schedule, we jump in the car and get going without accounting for road conditions. But if it has rained or snowed, or if a hard freeze is going on, safe drivers know to adapt their driving to the weather conditions.  That means slow down, first and foremost. Do you do that? If you are like most people you probably do not, most of the time. But this is an opportunity to remind ourselves that with wet roads, slippery or snowy conditions, slowing down is the most important thing we can do to stay safe. That, and keeping an eye out for other drivers who may not be as safe a driver!

Sliding through right on red

Here’s a news flash: right on red is not green. But many drivers behave as if it does. The fact is that right turn on red always requires a stop. Always. Not a slide through.  And if you are at that red light you do not have the right of way. Stop, look both ways before proceeding to stay safe. Don’t forget if you do run that red light then it will hurt you the next time you try to get Ohio car insurance quotes.

Running a yellow light

Caution is what the yellow light means, but in some cases that caution light is very short and red is right on its heels. For the most part, slow down when you see yellow and prepare to stop because the light is about to change. So confess: when you see a caution light, don’t you sometimes accelerate to speed through the yellow? You might not think you have time to sit at a red light.  But you do. Never speed up through a yellow. It is too risky.

Ignoring school zones

How many of us fail to notice that the speed limit changes in a school zone? That’s right. School zones are dangerous places for kids and law enforcement tends to want to hang out to be sure that kids stay safe. The usual speed limit in a school zone is 25 mph. Be certain you adhere to it and keep your eye out for children that may dart out onto the road without notice.