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Under federal law, residents of Illinois are required to purchase their own health insurance. They have a few days left to do so.

The residents have until December 15, 2015 to get health insurance quotes in Illinois in order for them not to be penalized by the government.

The residents who can afford to get health insurance quotes in Illinois must have health insurance coverage by December 15 or pay a tax fine of $95 for an adult or 1 percent of their income per year, whichever one is greater in amount. The penalty tax for those who were not able to get health insurance quotes in Illinois is going to increase in the future. The increase of the penalty tax will be $695 for an adult or 2.5 percent of their income per year, whichever is greater in amount. The increase of the penalty tax will be 347.50 for one child. This increase in penalty tax will occur on the year 2016. Residents of Illinois who currently have health insurance coverage will be re-enrolled automatically for a health insurance plan for the year of 2016 if they do not re-enroll themselves.

Although the residents who already have a health insurance plan will be automatically re-enrolled, it is still recommended that they re-enroll themselves so that they can find better options, coverage, and plans compared to their existing health insurance plan. This re-enrollment for existing customers could lower the costs for them and have a better and more suitable health insurance plan. This is also recommended because an update of their personal and financial information such as their income or changes in the number or members of their family is also needed for the re-enrollment of the health insurance plan.

But because of the lack of affordable health insurance plans on the private market, some Illinois residents are considering not to enroll for health insurance coverage despite the tax penalty fine and the risk for unforeseen events such as injuries, diseases, and other health conditions.

Fortunately, there are some online referral sites that you can use to get health insurance quotes in Illinois. These online referral sites will refer you or your family to health insurance companies which will contact you after filling out a form. The staff from the insurance company can also assist you in choosing the health insurance that is right for your needs and your budget. If you are a resident of Illinois, you still have the time to enroll for your own health insurance plan.